Seifert is handling production supplies for a new engine plant in Poland.

Ulm logistics group continues its expansion.

  • Up to 350 new jobs in western Poland
  • More than 45,000 picks per day


Ulm, Jawor – The Seifert Logistics Group continues its expansion, opening its 46th location in summer 2019. Seifert Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the Ulm logistics specialist, has won the contract for production supplies for a new engine plant in Jawor, western Poland. Up to 350 employees will perform more than 45,000 picks a day here. Driverless transport systems and RFID technology will help to optimise the flow of goods even more in the future.


Seifert Polska ensures an efficient flow of goods from July 2019 at a new engine plant for a German vehicle manufacturer in Jawor, western Poland. The customer of the Seifert Logistics Group is planning to produce four-cylinder engines and crankcases using the latest technology in a plant measuring around 200,000 square metres. Around 40,000 square metres of logistics space has been created within the production halls for the Seifert team to supply the production lines. The location facilitates short transport routes, ensuring both production halls can be supplied quickly and reliably.


One central task for the logistics specialist is to pick parts and components in the precise production sequence on special load carriers, which follow the engines across several assembly stations. Driverless transport systems help the Seifert team to supply the kick-in positions on the assembly line. Work will be even more efficient in future thanks to processes supported by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The integration of other innovative technologies is planned in the long-term for further optimisation of the logistics chain.


The Seifert team complete more than 45,000 picks a day to ensure continual production. Up to 350 new employees will be taken on by 2021 to ensure all processes run smoothly at the 46 locations of the Seifert Logistics Group In addition to supplying parts and components for production, the project also includes preparing engines and crankhouses for shipping, including loading the transport vehicles.


"2019 is a big year for Seifert Polska. On the one hand it's our 20th anniversary and, on the other, the contract at the high-tech engine plant in Jawor underlines the fact that our expertise in contract logistics is in demand across Europe. The segment continues to be a central growth driver for our Logistics Group", says Jan Brachmann, Managing Director of Seifert Polska.

Die Seifert Logistics Group übernimmt die Produktionsversorgung eines neuen Motorenwerks in Polen
One of the most cutting-edge engine plants in the world opened in Jawor, Poland in summer 2019. Up to 350 employees of the Seifert Logistics Group will ensure reliable production supplies there with over 45,000 picks a day.
(Picture source: Daimler AG)