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Trainees are a high priority for us. For they carry our knowledge into the next generation.

Your ideas and your commitment are worth a lot of time to us. For they are the capital for our growth. As a trainee, you will receive intensive support from your first day to your certificate presentation. You will have a personal mentor to answer your questions and guide you as you take on your own projects for the first time. What do you gain? Broad specialist knowledge from different departments, as well as excellent prospects of being taken on for your first job!

Training at Seifert

You can expect

1 Mitarbeiterin der Seifert Logistics Group in Ulm erklärt ihrem jungen Kollegen etwas
Specially trained and always on-hand – your personal mentor is always available during your training. We take support for our trainees very seriously. Always helpful: you will find out how your trainer is assessing you and your performance in regular feedback meetings. So you'll always know where you stand.

2 Gruppenarbeit unter den Auszubildenden
Personal responsibility
Active participation – we value that. That's why with us you won't just have the chance to shape your workplace. You'll also take responsibility for your own tasks and projects. From the start.

3 Auszubildende und erfahrene Kollegen arbeiten eng zusammen
Expert knowledge
Our trainees gain genuine expert knowledge. You'll rotate through the different departments, learning how they operate and becoming familiar with their processes, while enjoying a constant exchange with your trainers and experienced colleagues. Still not enough? Your training also includes regular seminars on various topics.

4 Verschiedene Maßnahmen stärken den Teamgeist und Zusammenhalt der Auszubildenden
Team spirit
Lone wolves don't have it easy with us, because we're big believers in team spirit. As a result, helpfulness and solidarity between our trainees and employees are always on the agenda. A wealth of opportunities: You'll swap ideas and get to know the others at team events – and that ensures good interaction within our company.

5 Gespräch zwischen Personalchef und Auszubildendem über seine weitere Zukunft in der Seifert Logistics Group
As a company with traditions, we offer you prospects – including after your training. We enjoy two-digit growth every year, enabling us to offer you a secure job. Not only that: we help you to realise your professional goals – up to a management position. A wide range of training and development opportunities make this possible.


Our offer:

your opportunity

Seifert atmosphere
alongside studying

1 Mitarbeiter der Seifert Logistics Group im Lager
Marginal employment
Want a "mini job"? The Seifert Logistics Group has the right option for you. Exciting, varied and not average: apply now and see for yourself.

2 Werkstudentin der Seifert Logistics Group im Gespräch mit erfahrenem Kollegen
Working student
The right balance of practical experience alongside studying: as a working student you'll get exciting insight into logistics and experience the industry first hand.

3 Bachelorand der Seifert Logistics Group bei der Recherche
Whether for a bachelor's or master's – we are excited about your vision and will help you to develop your topic. Or are you still looking? We have lots of innovative ideas just waiting for you.

Always something happening

We believe in community spirit. That's why we hold our newcomer team-building event every year for our trainees and students. You won't just get to know the other trainees. Teamwork is the motto here – one of the most important factors at the Seifert Logistics Group. Fun and action will of course be a big part of it too.

We held our first newcomer team-building event in 2016. Our trainees and students enjoyed two days of geocaching, climbing and summer tobogganing in Immenstadt in Allgäu. The 2017 event included a bbq evening at the "Einstein Boulderhalle" in Ulm – with table tennis, beach volleyball, bouldering and climbing.
We are firmly committed to community spirit: our regular trainee seminars are an opportunity to meet the other trainees in the same year as you from all locations. The focus is on getting to know each other and the experiences, problems and personal impressions and goals that drive each of you. Team tasks, strength and weakness analysis and presentation exercises are part of it too of course – all with the goal of improving your own organisational and communication skills.
The internal classes for our trainees are held every month in Ulm. They give you the chance to ask any questions about the training content. But theory isn't everything: department heads and employees from the various departments also report on their working days and their tasks. This enables you to link the theory from college with practical examples.
Trainees at the Seifert Logistics Group regularly take part in exciting projects, such as planning our annual apple day. The focus here is on vitamin-rich diets to strengthen the immune system – and every employee is given apples and pears. Still not enough? Our trainees also help to plan and organise our stands for trade fairs every year.
You should know where you work. Regular visits to our various sites are right at the top of the agenda as a result. This enables trainees to learn about the diverse workflows followed by the employees of the Seifert Logistics Group. Malsch, Rastatt – you'll travel all over Germany. You'll also learn, for example, how close cooperation works in the field of contract logistics. Cars build themselves? We work with German car manufacturers and play a role in the making of every car.
With the MobiPro-EU project, the German government is helping EU citizens aged between 18 and 35 to undertake vocational training or qualified employment in Germany. The project is not only helping to meet the demand for qualified workers in Germany in the long-term, but is also playing a part in reducing youth unemployment across Europe. Both issues are extremely important to us. We see the training of young people as an investment in the future. MobiPro-EU is a step in the right direction.

Marko V.: Shipping and Logistics Services Clerk
"As a child I lived in Germany for a couple of years. I then moved to Croatia with my parents. The MobiPro project has given me the chance to find a company in Germany where I could start training to be a shipping and logistics services clerk. Due to my pre-studies in Croatia, I had to complete practical work experience and then I got the training recognised. I'm currently working for Seifert as a scheduler and have settled well into Germany."

Davor L.: Warehouse Logistics Specialist
"I heard about the MobiPro project from my friend Marko V. and I applied to Seifert too. I've wanted to work in a warehouse since I was a child and so I opted for the warehouse logistics specialist training. I finished top of my year in the final exam and have been working as a warehouse logistics specialist in the north of Ulm since then."