Heroic tales at the Seifert Logistics Group

Jana Giuliano is … a real logistics hero.

  • 1 forklift
  • 10 metres in height
  • 5 centimetres of clearance


"I have made my job a hobby", says Jana Giuliano laughing, and anyone who sees her at work as a forklift driver for the Seifert Logistics Group believes her straight away. Few people can operate their forklift as quickly, as safely and as precisely as she can. This skill has already won her prizes at regional Forklift Cups, of which she is truly proud. Reliable skilled professionals like her are in more demand than ever in the logistics world. Although automation of logistics warehouses has increased over the last few years, employees play a key role here in warehouse management and logistics processes. And that will not change much in the future either.


"Forklift driving is a big passion for me", says Jana. This benefits in turn the customers of her company, that is the Seifert Logistics Group, as all products are in good hands with her. It is her job to move pallets in and out of the warehouse with the highest precision. Whether at ground level or 10 metres high, she always maintains a clear view and the concentration needed to perform her work as a forklift driver perfectly. Despite this peak performance, she never forgets about fun at or outside work and spreads good cheer in every warehouse.

Jana Guiliano is ... a real logistics hero.


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